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with Pablo Borelli

Este curso de 10 días es un curso acreditado por el Instituto Savory y cumple con los requisitos de formación para convertirse en un profesional acreditado por el Instituto Savory.

This 10-day course is a Savory Institute accredited course and meets the training requirements to become a Savory Institute accredited professional.

Who can participate in this course?

Anyone who wants to implement or advise on Holistic Management. 

Who can participate in this course?

Anyone who wants to implement or advise on Holistic Management. 


Rancho Margot, Costa Rica


Rancho Margot, Costa Rica

Who will deliver this course?

Pablo Borrelli, Hub Leader and educator of Ovis 21, Savory Institute's Hub in Argentina.


Pablo is an Agricultural Engineer graduated from the University of Mar del Plata and has more than 40 years of experience as a researcher and advisor in rangeland management. He is co-founder of the company Ovis 21, educator in Holistic Management and leader of the Argentinean Hub of the Savory Institute.

Borelli is recognized as one of the leading experts in Holistic Management globally, working with the Savory Institute since 2003. He is the co-author of the renowned Ecological Outcome Verification or EOV program. Today EOV is the Savory Institute's global standard for measuring land regeneration and the mechanism that connects the field work with the commercialization of products through the Land to Market program. 

What will be learned?

  • Complete Holistic Management Framework: a vision that allows farms to be managed with holistic perspectives and tools that bring benefits to pastures, animals and finances.

  • Short-term Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) monitoring: this monitoring allows you to measure and monitor the effects of implementing holistic management on farms.

The experience will include a mix of lectures, individual work time and practical outdoor experience. 


At the end of the course participants will be able to do the exit interview with the Savory Institute which will allow them to become Accredited Practitioners. This will allow them to work and collaborate with Suelos Vivos in carrying out consultancies with the endorsement of Savory Institute.


LIMITED to 25 participants

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"I am passionate about Holistic Management because it aligns the interests of producers, nature and consumers. Environmental improvements are achieved and farm profitability is improved. We see this process with great hope, understanding how rare opportunities like this are and how urgent it is for our planet to take advantage of them".


- Enrique Castegnaro, Ecos del Porvenir, Costa Rica

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"Soil is the key to life. Cattle ranching allows us to improve soil health."

 - Cristino Villareal, Mapimí Biosphere Reserve Director

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