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Living soils for the well-being of farms, people, animals and the planet


We seek to transform livestock production in the country into an industry that generates well being for communities and the planet.     

Regenerative livestock farming improves the profitability and stability of the production system through management practices that recover ecosystem processes and the dynamics of nature. 

Un lugar feliz

Gestionando la tierra a través del Manejo Holístico.

En esta historia te contamos sobre el proceso de implementación del Manejo Holístico en nuestras fincas piloto.

Benefits of Regenerative Livestock production:

How we do it?

Holistic Management

Holistic management is a decision-making framework based on the fundamentals of ecosystem processes, which considers economic, ecological and social variables in both the short and long term.  

This management involves a set of planning procedures including planned grazing, land planning, financial planning and ecological monitoring.

By offering tools that allow continuous analysis and monitoring, Holistic Management empowers the people involved in the management and operations; and provides positive economic, social and environmental results. 

Holistic Management allows us to:

Make better decisions
Plan our
Produce more with less risk
Start without initial investment 

Holistic Management was developed by Zimbabwean biologist Allan Savory, through more than 40 years of experience.

Allan Savory.jpeg

Allan Savory is a rancher and conservationist. For years Savory worked as a consultant to ranchers and National Parks in Africa, Australia and North America. Through his observations over those years, he concluded that livestock management that mimics nature can restore land and grasslands while also improving production. 

In 2009, the Savory Institute was founded to drive large-scale regeneration of the world's grasslands and the livelihoods of their inhabitants through Holistic Management. 
Today, the Savory Institute works around the world through an international network of innovators and business leaders committed to serving their regions with the highest standards of Holistic Management training and implementation. 
To learn more about Allan Savory and his history with Holistic Management, we invite you to watch
his TED Talk, voted one of the 50 most interesting TED Talks of all time. 

How do we support you on the road towards Regerative Livestock production?

Suelos Vivos offers the following services:


We give and organize lectures, workshops, field trips and certifications to facilitate knowledge and skills in Holistic Management for livestock production.


We accompany, advise and support farmers in the process of transforming their farms to Holistic Management.


We measure the outcomes of Holistic Livestock Management in terms of biodiversity, soil health and ecosystem functions, to verify that this management is resulting in ecological regeneration in the short and long term.


We create content to educate about Holistic Livestock Management, its benefits and its distinction from conventional livestock management.


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Latin American Forum on Regenerative Livestock Farming

The forum welcomed researchers, directors and coordinators of national and international programs from FAO, the Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica and Colombia, and academic and research institutions such as CATIE and the University for International Cooperation.

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"Nature never farms without animals."

- Paul Hawken -

Regeneration, Ending the climate crisis in one generation

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